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dental Government Reimbursement Scheme

dental gov Reimbursement Scheme

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Benefits of the Govt Reimbursement Scheme

dental govt Reimbursement Scheme

  • Reimbursement facility for state govt employees, retired pensioners and their dependents.
  • At SSR Dental Hospital we have a specialized team of dentists exclusively to cater the best dental services approved under the scheme.
  • With the use of modern advance dental equipment’s and materials along with housing a team of vastly experienced dentists.
  • we strive to serve you the best dental care.
  • The new scheme replaces the current medical 
    with added benefits such as posthospitalization cover and treatment of chronic diseases
  • The reimbursement programmer is also applicable DH doctor prescribes drugs which form an essential part of the medical treatment 
  • And the drugs are not available in the pharmacy of the attending DH clinic.
  • Your health, happiness and wellness are worth an investment.
  • Solutions such as teeth whitening, smile makeover, composite fillings, dental implants can make a vast difference in your life.
  •  If you’re looking for the best dentist in Mallapur who can help you get the smile of your dreams, feel free to call our clinic and schedule an appointment.
  • The difference you’ll see in your experience at the dentist and in your oral and overall health will be well worth it.
  • To book an appointment with us in, ‘SSR dental hospital – The Dental Clinic’ for dental govt Reimbursement Scheme
  • Dental professionals in the state of Telangana will appreciate, in future, the efforts that Council staff for necessary services.
  • When it comes time to purchase dental insurance, you may wonder what options are available.
  • There are basically two types of dental insurance plans: direct reimbursement and traditional dental plans.

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